Friday, June 15, 2012

The Three Levels of Magento Websites – From Small Business to Enterprise Level

Magento websites have three massive selling points, for both web designers and the clientsof those web designers.Magento websites  One – they're completely customisable. Two – they can support in-depth connection to the client's original databases. And three – they are scalable. 

The Magento websites  platform offers three different incarnations of its technology: Magento Go, designed for business turning over under £1m per year, Magento Enterprise, designed for medium sized companies with a turnover of less than £20m and Magento Enterprise Plus, which features expert consulting, training and the ability to run a number of online store fronts all connected to a single accounting system. 

For web developers Magento websites represent a flexible way to blend the needs of the client's brand with the functionality requirements of an ecommerce site.

Every brand has a story to tell. When the story in question has to be shoe horned into a pre-made template site it can be hard to retain individuality. After all, a few pictures do not have a brand defined. 

Magento websites, on the other hand, support CSS designed by the developer, and will allow any visual setup and format you want to use. So your ability to deliver the client's brand to its site's end users is trammelled only by your imagination. 

This means that even simple sites can be developed to deliver the brand personality as it stands. Indeed, one of the key features of Magento websites is their ability to impress as much when they're small as they do when they have to incorporate the sprawling interests of a major multinational enterprise. 

Big Magento websites are of course no less impressive – at the top end of the spectrum the web developer is able to design deceptively simple homes for some extraordinarily complicated back end functionality. No matter what size product list or whether there are very different types of product held and supplied by single arms of a larger company – Magento websites can deal with them all. 

From small scale to enterprise level, Magento supports a range of site behaviours aimed at increasing the end user's buying behaviour. From peer review functions to the ability to compare a number of products instantly on the same page, Magento is designed to make clicking that "buy" button as easy as it can be.

The Enterprise class packages feature a range of add-ons and reporting suites already built in. The Magento Go package features a smaller selection of the same – but can be augmented with multiple Magento add-ons from the Magento store. Because the platform is open source, these add-ons are being built daily to address extremely bespoke issues – so all Magento websites have the potential ability to answer even intensely arcane requirements precisely.

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