Friday, June 8, 2012

Use a Web Developer and To Build Your Website

Your biggest concern as a website owner is to hire a professional who understands what keeps you up at night. You will also want a professional who can offer additional services for you.
With the advent of the Internet came an ever-changing marketing industry that businesses continually strive to keep up with. The financial, procurement, customer service, marketing, and sales landscape have forever been changed for businesses due to the ever-evolving Internet. At 7strategy, our job is to help businesses not only keep up with Web development changes, but get ahead of the industry through time proven marketing strategies.

As a Web developer, we understand that the Internet is now vitally important for a business to remain competitive. That is why we have developed Web solutions for companies that integrate all of the factors needed for a successful website and revenue-generating business. As a website designer, we offer Web design and development, e-commerce design and development, and online and interactive marketing to fulfill a company's needs.

But we are not just a Web developer that has a track record for successful website design and creation. At 7strategy, we also offer our customers top notch search engine optimization, SEO services. Our main goal is to deliver prime results and get the most ROI for a business. We develop a website and SEO solution that will drive more traffic to a company's site and ultimately increase revenue. We do this through ethical SEO strategies that will increase page rank and increase a company's exposure.

In order to fully meet our customers' needs, we offer SEO packages that include keyword research, content creation, and site submission for a company. We can also provide SEO reporting with these packages. To find out more information, visit

7strategy is a progressive web design company and interactive agency that will help you develop engaging, functional and strategic solutions. We will show you how to harness the benefits of online customer engagement to ensure a quantifiable return on investment.

The following divisions of our company work in unison to strategically plan, develop and deploy your marketing solutions.

- Web Design & Development (including Microsites and Custom Ecommerce)
- Flash Design, Motion Graphics & Post Production
- 3D & Interactive Animation
- SEO Services & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
- Strategic Planning & Brand Identity Development

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