Friday, June 15, 2012

When Designing a Blog Choose Colors Wisely

Here are 3 ways the colors you choose to use may have on an effect, good or bad, on those that land on your platform!

Forms an Impression

Certain colors give certain impressions to readers simply due to 'conditioning' we/they have experienced as part of the culture or social environment in which we/they are exposed! For instance red means stop or danger to many, green can indicate clear passage or go and while even the color pink has been use to calm or pacify! Serious consideration must be given to your use of colors when blogging insofar as how they may 'align' with your intentions! In fact the 'tone' of your platform can be tempered by a particular color therefore if you want to gain and not lose readers these fundamental design 'issues' must be addressed!


Affects Readability (Comfort)

The brightness of your fonts or even backgrounds can make for greater eye strain! Not good especially if you're hoping people will spend time on your site! Here too you want to make your visitors 'visual' experience as pleasant as possible so people will remain on your site and read your updates! If people can't or don't view what your site has to offer your chances of experiencing any degree of blog success simply drifts away! This is true regardless of whether you offer high quality content or mere rubbish!

Disrupts Focus

The use of colors whether it is particular selections or even the use of too many, can easily distract visitors keeping them from receiving the 'message' you're trying to send! Squeeze pages are designed to minimize distractions by not trying to communicate too many points or being too 'colorful' for the very reason they can be distracting! The same exact principle is involved with your blog design as well! You want readers attention to be drawn to the high quality content you have to offer and not to be distracted by anything else on your site!

When designing a blog your use of colors needs to be done with consideration as to how they may affect visitors to your site! Having a good design can definitely contribute to your blog success however selecting the wrong colors can also limit you as well! The discussion above points out 3 ways in which your color choices can impact those who land on your platform! It is in these areas your consideration is most needed in your use of colors! Since the design itself can have such an impact it almost doesn't even matter what type of high quality content you have to offer! If people find their focus disrupted in any way, what you wrote will not even be read thereby limiting your blog success!

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