Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some Smartphones Have A Built-In Receiver For Local FM Radio Stations

Since phones do not include a built-in FM antenna, they use the wire for an external headset as the antenna. While it works, you are limited to FM stations within the range of your mobile phone. Unless your cellphone provides an option for ignoring the external headset, you have to listen to the radio using the corded headset. Another option is to use Internet radio. The word "Internet Radio" covers apps that stream music playlists, including Pandora, to apps that stream content from an authentic radio station. This article covers two apps that stream C . r . radio stations. These apps turn your mobile phone into an AM/FM radio, without the need for an antenna. For for you to obtain a station via Internet, the station, itself, must live stream its broadcasts to the web. While the number of stations has increased over the years, there are still stations that will not support live streaming. For continuous streaming, you want a high-speed Internet connection. On a slow 3G connection (512 Kbps), you may experience more interruptions. This is especially true, when your mobile device is downloading other data in the shadows. tfsRadio Costa Rica brings you a wide variety of Costa Rican Radio Stations. As of this writing, tfsRadio Costa Rica lists 57 r / c. There are a number of duplicates inside the list, which reduces the count to a number exceeding 50 stations. While most with the stations are FM stations, there are many AM stations in the list. The list is not sorted, so you must scan the list to find a particular radio station. The tfsRadio apps will not separate the stations by genre. The approach employed by tfsRadio is to provide an app per country, for a total of 182 apps. The tfsRadio app permits you to set a sleep timer, as well as an alarm clock. You mark your chosen stations by tapping the star to the right of the station name that's currently playing. The app now offers a red record button. Once you tap the button, the app starts recording the station. To prevent the recording tap the record button again. You can then share your recoding to Facebook, email it, or set it as a ringtone. The TuneIn Radio app requires a totally different approach. TuneIn Radio provides access to over 60,000 different r / c. In addition, it provides access to over 2 million Podcasts, which were not part of tfsRadio. Notwithstanding the number of sources, TuneIn Radio is not hard to use. The Browse tab divides the sources to the following categories: Local Radio uses your cellular phones coarse GPS settings to ascertain the list of local stations. For Costa Rica, this is about every station in the country. Recents is just a history of the last stations played. Recommended actually builds a listing based on your previous selections for radio stations. The Music, Sports, and Talk option is top-level options that open an extra menu to further refine your pursuit. At the bottom of the second menu is really a list of local stations that fall into the selected general category. When you tap an option from the second menu, you have a list of the local stations, followed by top stations, podcasts, and an explore section. The News category skips the secondary menu and goes directly to the station list. The By Location option lets you select stations from a particular country. The division of countries is rather interesting, as Mexico is consider a part of North America and not Central America. The By Language option allows you to select stations base on language in lieu of location. Podcasts leads to a long second menu that divides podcasts into music, talk, and sports sections. TuneIn Radio supports both a sleep timer as well as an alarm. To set these options, you'll want to tap the side bar unless you get to the options menu. From main menu icon, you are able to set the "Car Mode," which simplifies the interface with the expense of accessing some of the features. To save your presets, you need to create a TuneIn Radio account. About the same Account screen, you can define your Twitter accounts for sharing your stations. To record a stream, you'll need the TuneIn Radio Pro version ($0.99 USD) in the app. If you are interested in just listening to radio stations from Costa Rica, then tfsRadio Cr does the job. If you want to make use of the widest variety of radio stations and podcasts, then TuneIn Radio is the greatest choice. After using both apps, I chose to go with TuneIn Radio.


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