Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tips on Choosing the Best Sticker Suppliers

Labels and stickers form such an important part of product marketing that, sooner or later you as a brand, company or cause would need the services of one of the many reputable sticker suppliers in your area. As you know, depending on your budgetand your need for the labels and stickers, you will find many different styles, materials, colours and themes which you can choose from. Therefore it is important to know exactly what your sticker supplier can offer you.
Here are some tips on how to select the best sticker supplier for your needs:
  • A reputable sticker company will have a very professional website and marketing strategy for their company. This will ensure that their services are correctly advertised and the consumer will know all the needed details upon first glance.
  • Included in their website should be an accurate presentation of how their products look in terms of labels, stickers, fonts and quality of end result. They should have this available in the form of a fully detailed brochure or product list on their site itself.
  • Along with an example of their stickers, they should also have examples of how it fits and looks on different products like tins, bottles an boxes. This will give you a more accurate view of what your product will look like with their labels added.
  • A reputable sticker company should be willing to send you samples of their product for you to see and feel so that you know exactly how it will perform on your product. They should further be willing to offer it to you free of charge and have it delivered by a professional representative of the company.
  • A good sticker company should not only be able to offer you a wide array of different products but their rates should be on par or less than the average company who could offer you the basics.
  • A successful sticker company should be able to customize any package for you and not only offer their products in amount of 1 000 at a time. Say you are a small company and only have the need for 100 labels, 150 stickers and another 100 stickers with a different design; they should be able to supply you with these small amounts at no extra charge.
  • A reputable sticker company should be willing and able to offer you extra services at no extra cost. This applies to the design, quality and type of sticker you need. The designer should offer you professional advice and offer to change the design if it doesn't meet the needs of the market and print it out as a sample at no extra charge.
If you go for a sticker company that promises very cheap prices for their stickers and labels, you may first want to study this list and see if they conform to all these standards first.


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